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P90x Workout Plan

The P90X Workout Plan was created by Beach body. This is a company which offers various weight reduction programs like Hip Hop Abs as well as Turbo Jam. P90X Workout Plan is comprised of a bundle of 13 workout DVDs that will get your muscles pumping and your heart beating. Each DVD is dedicated to a particular area of the body or a specific style of exercise including plyometrics, stretching, and yoga. P90x is an intensive 90 day workout plan that is hosted by Tony Horton, a personal trainer. P90x is built on the principal known as “muscle confusion” which is an accelerated fitness process that is designed to sculpt the body by constantly introducing various routines and movements. By constantly changing the body’s routine the muscles have to work harder to keep up with the workout. The harder the muscles work the faster your body is sculpted




P90X Workout PlanPROS:

1. The system is well designed for an easy start for the beginner couch potatoes.
2. The workouts each last approximately 35-45 minutes, including the stretching, warm up, the actual workout and the cooling down phase.
3. Tony the trainer incorporates stretching, warming up and cooling down at times during the workout so that it doesn’t seem as strenuous. He also incorporates a water break which is very important for a good workout. You don’t have to pause the video and run to get a drink. You can actually let the video roll, take an adequate amount of time, and then resume your workout when you are supposed to.
4. The workout counts down on screen so that you can keep track of how much longer you have to endure the session.
5. You can tell from Tony’s on screen performance and also by the way he narrates the moves and describes how they are shaping your body that he is just not some fly by night trainer. He also makes the workout go by quicker with his sense of humor.
6. The music on the videos is upbeat and keeps you moving. It isn’t necessarily something you would buy to listen to for entertainment, but it gets the job done.



P90X Workout PlanCONS:

1. If you have had a prior hip or knee injury there might be some exercises that you won’t be able to do.
2. You might feel overwhelmed at first because the videos are fast paced. This is both good and bad as it will push you to keep up but you might end up feeling like you are just scrambling from station to station.
3. Tony the trainer is very verbal and talks the entire time throughout the videos. You will either like him or hate him.
4. Depending upon how your exercise area is set up, you might have a hard time using the pull up bar. This bar is used in several of the videos.
5. The video series comes with a nutritional guide that has a lot of pretty pictures but really isn’t all that helpful.Many users of this program have experienced great results however many experts believe that this system only works if the user has a true motivation to lose weight to stay dedicated to the program. The P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program comes with 13 DVDs, Nutrition Guide, Exercise Planner and sells for around $135.00. One satisfied customer stated (in part)

“Even with the additional equipment to buy, it is well worth the money. Remember, you're not expected to be able to keep up right away. It'll be quite a while before you do. Go slow and at your own pace. You are encouraged to just keep with it, even if you can only do 1 pull-up, do it and wait for the next exercise to begin. Just stay with it and you'll be amazed at the progress you make.”

Conversly, a not so satisified customer states (in part) the following:

I ended up not being able to use this product and had to send it back. There is a fitness test in it because it is so extreme. They recommend that if you can't pass the test to start with something lighter. This is a good recommendation, and goes to their credit. Of course it would be better if they told you this before you purchase the product then lose money in shipping to and from. It would also have been nice if I knew ahead of time that I needed a large area with all the moving around this course requires. The area that I have to work out in is to small for all the exercises.




The P90X Peak Results Package includes the P90X Workout DVDs, Results and Recovery formula, three resistance bands, 3-Phase nutrition plan, workout calendar, fitness guide, and P90X PLUS workout DVDs and sells for around $330.00. Results and Recovery is a shake specifically formulated to speed muscle repair and enhance growth after intense workouts. The P90X Plus are for those who have mastered the P90x system. These videos are designed to be used after mastery of the original system and they add advanced and new workouts to the system. (TheP90X Plus system sells by itself for approximately $70.00).


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