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A sensation among health and physical fitness buffs all over the world, the P90X Workout Plan had been taking the exercise world by storm and has not abated as yet.

Marketed as a weight-loss system developed by Tony Horton, the program took off because of its novel but effective approach to exercise. The main routine was to keep the different muscle groups do as many things as possible and create what is called “muscle confusion”.

Achieving “muscle confusion” enabled the body to avoid the “plateau effect”, a common malady among physical fitness enthusiasts. This is the state where the developments achieved in the early parts of the routine stayed at plateau level and improvements stood still as well.

As part of the total package, the P90X Workout Plan also had a set of equipments recommended for use alongside with the program: adjustable dumbbells, pull up bar, yoga supplies, recovery drink, resistance bands, and a heart monitor watch.

Last, but not least, is the recommended the P90X Workout Plan nutrition plan.

The P90X Workout Plan nutrition plan

For starters, the P90X nutrition plan divides eating into three phases: Phase 1 would be the Fat Shredder which is essentially eating foods high in protein to build muscles and lose fat.

Phase 2 is Energy Booster which is a combination of carbohydrates and protein with low-fat foods to increase energy level.

Phase 3 is Endurance Maximizer which suggests consuming complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and low-calorie fats to provide you with the stamina necessary to get the most from your workout routines included in the P90X nutrition plan.

P90X Workout Plan suggested foods

The P90X nutrition plan has meal plans and portion control options. However, it is suggested that you adapt your meals within their servings and portion sizes according to your own personal preferences.

Before starting anything else, you need to gauge your nutrition level to find the recommended daily calorie intake. This should be based on your level of activity and resting metabolic rate.

Some of the categorized food groups by P90X are as follows: Proteins (fat-free lean meats and eggs), dairy (low-fat milk and cheeses), organic fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates (bread and pasta), snacks (dried fruits, turkey jerky, soy nuts, protein bars) and condiments (low-fat marinades and dressings, mustards, honey).

Simple recipes

P90X nutrition plan also provides simple recipes aside from assigning caloric values to the food groups it had categorized. This is to make it easy to design your meals within the suggested serving and portion sizes.

Simple grocery lists and a variety of supplement options are also provided once you are enrolled in the program. It emphasizes the importance of eating several small meals throughout the day instead of a couple of large ones, and drinking lots of water.

Moreover, there are no special meal packages to buy – just a list of food that can be obtained from your local grocery stores.

The plan is centered on the powerful 13-week physical fitness program combined with the healthy eating habits in the nutrition plan – with the overall purpose of helping you lose weight and regain the confidence of having a firm toned body.


In the end, motivation and self-discipline are the necessary keys to success with the P90X nutrition plan in tandem with the daily regimen for a fit, healthy body.

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