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P90x Workout Plan Cons

We have heard numerous benefits of Tony Horton's extreme and intense workout, the P90X Workout Plan. Reviews raved on the fact that you could actually see your body shedding the unwanted pounds and building muscles within 90 days. It seems like it is a perfect workout for everybody.

In general, exercise has no disadvantages. In fact, lack of exercise and mobility is one contributing factor in increasing risks of heart attacks and other health concerns. By working out, not only do you strengthen your muscles and joints, you also develop a stronger immune system and better mental and social health. So what could be possibly wrong with a program that will help you develop a healthier body and overall well-being?

• Consistently adhering to the program

Being consistent is not just a problem with the P90X Workout Plan. It is the most common issues among home workouts. Staying on a program would depend on the individual's discipline and commitment. But aside from that, a workout program should be convenient enough to fit into people's schedule.

The P90X Workout Plan would usually last for 60 to 90 minutes, for about six days a week. The seventh day is for rest, although there are also stretching exercises on that day which are equally important. This is great if you have that time, but most of the people are complaining that there is “no enough” time for working out. So this would definitely create some problems in the long run, you could end up not finishing the program.

• It can be too tough.

Although the P90X Workout Plan infomercials are making it clear that the workout is intense and advanced, there are still some people who fail to analyze their ability. Completing the fitness test is very important to check if you are physically ready for the P90X Workout Plan.

• Diet limitations

The P90X Workout Plan offers a diet and nutritional plan which matches each phase of the workout. However, it does not offer any appetite suppressants which can make it difficult since you are required to be disciplined about it. There are also no fat burning supplements along with the program.

• Lifestyle change

The P90X Workout Plan requires a total lifestyle change. The nutritional plan recommends recipes which can be time-consuming to prepare. Aside from following the meal plan, you could also follow the proportions plan which states the specific amount of food you could consume. There would be times when following the nutritional plan can be very hard, you will need commitment and control to get those muscles you are after.

• Pricey

Yes, the P90X Workout Plan delivers results, but they could be more expensive than any other fitness programs. It would cost you about three payments of $39.95, plus the shipping fee. If you do not have any equipment then you would also add that to the cost. You would also to purchase supplements and protein drinks to help you with your diet.

Because of its intensity, the P90X Workout Plan may not be safe for some people. Overweight people or those who have no workout experience should talk to their doctor first. Although, creators of the P90X Workout Plansay that anybody could follow the program, you would still need to consider personal condition before starting.

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