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The P90X Workout Plan is a workout program developed by Tony Horton that combines twelve different workouts and a nutrition plan. Not only it is a great way to lose weight but proved to be effective in muscle building within 90 days. But aside from different movements, a good set of equipment is also needed to get the best results.

You will just need three basic equipments to get significant results: resistance bands, chin-up bar and push-up stands.

• Resistance bands. It is a great choice if you are not big fan of dumbbells, since you could easily shift to other movements or exercises. They are also more affordable. There are different kinds of resistance bands based on their tension level, they are color-coded to indicate its tension level. There is also variety of bands based on their complexity, like figure 8's, double bands, etc. If you are just starting then you could get the simplest one and eventually learn how to use them.

• Chin-up bar. This is another P90X Workout Plan equipment. Chin-up or pull-up bar would allow you to work on biceps and back muscles. When choosing chin-up bars, you should at least have an idea on its two types: one which requires permanent installation and a removable pull-up bar that will use the weight of the user to lock themselves.

• Push-up stands. Push-up stands are important to ease weight and strain that you are placing on your wrists whenever doing push-ups. Push-up stands also have foams on the handles to ease hand strains and easy grip. This would allow you to go deeper and creating more movement and effort on each push-up you do. When buying push-up stands, get a stable bar. A moving bar can cause you to lose balance. When starting with the P90X Workout Plan, you could just settle for the standard push-up stand instead of purchasing a more expensive professional stand.

These are the major equipments that you will be using during your P90X Workout Planroutine. There are other equipment which could help you improve you performance, although it is not “required” that you have them. For example, the heart rate monitor is a great way to calculate the amount of calories you have burned. You could control your workout's intensity and decide if you are ready to take your workout into another level.

You could also think about getting a floor mat especially when performing yoga poses. When choosing a floor mat, make sure that it is soft enough to lessen the strain when performing movements. It should also be hard enough to support your balance and movements. If you would not be getting the right mat, then it could cause your feet to ache. However, if you are on a budget or not willing to spend too much on your P90X Workout Planequipment, then you could skip the gym mat.

These equipments would help in getting your body lose weight and ripped fast through the P90X Workout Plan. Professional-designed equipment could be expensive, but there are standard exercise equipments which could cost lower. You could also think about purchasing second-hand or previously-owned equipments, however, it is important to test them to make sure that you are not sacrificing your safety over price.

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