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Yoga and the P90x Workout Plan

In an industry where hype sometimes overshadows real facts, P90X Workout Plan as a body workout program needs no introduction. Judging from the enthusiastic reactions of its millions of satisfied users and other fans, the P90X Workout Plan is the best and the most popular of its kind at the moment.

As developed by the famous physical exercise guru Tony Horton, the P90X Workout Plan is a workout program covering an intense 90-day physical workout of exercise routines. Since its introduction, many men and women have been raving about its ability to tone, shape and lift a person's physique.

Yoga X

At the end of every month, the program features two sessions of yoga. Many people thought that yoga is only one mode of an effective exercise and at best is something to effect some change of pace.

However, Yoga X shows the power and the difficulty of yoga. It did improve both balance and flexibility for the user even within a month, but sticking to it can be tough.

Muscular endurance

Even if yoga does not use the same repetition sets of training that traditional strength training uses, your muscles are put through their paces just the same. There are several moves in Yoga X routine that you have to repeat many times, too.

As you may have noticed, yoga is an overall body workout but does not target one particular body part for maximum stimulation. The routine, however, is focused on the use of the many different muscles over and over again.

Mind-muscle connection

The ability to control your muscles is more of how well your brain can control any given muscle or muscle group. Since the yoga poses make you use different muscles at once, the level of neuro-muscular coordination is radically expanded.

Active recovery

This actually means warming up a fatigued muscle, open up the blood vessels in it and wash away the lactic acid that causes pain.

This is not just for feeling good again (and not sore) but also for working a muscle or a muscle group before it is completely recovered from a previous intense workout.


The P90X Workout PlanYoga X routine has many flexibility exercise moves in it, but the benefit is in the constant need to stretch various parts of your body while in unusual or difficult-to-hold poses.

Many of the poses in Yoga X are called “Moving Asanas”. This is a pose where you start with one position, and while holding a certain part of your body perfectly still, you move your other parts into very difficult to maintain positions.

If you have flexibility issues, it is not a matter of IF you will be injured, but rather WHEN will it happen?


Yoga X may be a very challenging workout in the P90X Workout Plan, but it is also very fluid where you are in a certain zone and frame of mind.

You are encouraged to focus on the present moment, giving your attention to your body and to the workout.

Worth every minute of it

The Yoga X portion of the P90X Workout Plan is well worth the time you do them. For P90X to work, you take in the overall effect of all the portions and not simply picking one out to enjoy. You should not just do all the 12 routines, but also work them out in the proper sequence as well.

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